Beowulf Blockchain Enters Strategic Partnership with the Consulate General of India in Vietnam

We are pleased to form a partnership with the Consulate General of India in Vietnam to support their diplomatic and economic outreach mission, and international collaborations in Southeast Asia amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pursuant to the strategic cooperation, the Consulate General of India in Vietnam will adopt the cutting-edge communication technology of Beowulf’s QUICKOM platform to serve the growing collaboration and communication across a variety of channels through large-scale video conferencing and remote training activities.

QUICKOM by Beowulf is uniquely positioned to provide a modern and highly collaborative, video-enabled communication experience for up to 5,000 participants across one single platform. Because the platform is underpinned by a global decentralized cloud network, it ensures unmatched quality for video and sound and significantly faster connections when compared to other service providers, while utilizing the smallest bandwidth capacity possible. Users can start or join a conference easily by clicking on the provided link, or scanning a unique QR code using their phone’s camera without the need for any other application.

“The coronavirus outbreak will definitely lead global organizations to look at how they are supporting remote work, as it already has resulted in organizations canceling attendance to industry events,” said Consul General Dr. Madan Mohan Sethi.

“In continuing our efforts to overcome the impact caused by the coronavirus epidemic, we have opted to utilize QUICKOM by Beowulf to efficiently maintain working continuity, while enabling our staff to work and collaborate in the comfort — and crucial isolation — of their own homes,” he continued.

QUICKOM has been a compelling option to host over 1,000 events connecting over 100,000 participants for leading companies and organizations. In Vietnam alone, QUICKOM has conducted major large-scale events, including notable ones connecting governmental officials and world-leading professionals across different time zones. Some examples include the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s international conference organized in collaboration with the Ministry of External Affairs of the Government of India under the topic “Doing Business with Vietnam”, the “The symposium on Application of Advanced Technologies In Agriculture (AATA)”, which welcomed top-notch guest speakers, including professors, doctors, and leading experts from Vietnam, Japan, Denmark, and Belgium.

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Enabling businesses to build cloud-related business without barriers

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Beowulf Blockchain

Enabling businesses to build cloud-related business without barriers

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