Beowulf Blockchain establishes a Strategic Partnership with Vietnam Aviation Academy to Bring Borderless Education and Training to the Aviation Field

Beowulf Blockchain
2 min readSep 30, 2020


We are pleased to partner with Vietnam Aviation Academy (VAA), the best university for aviation in Vietnam. Beowulf Blockchain will support VAA to provide their students with educational service, particularly teaching and training programs anytime and anywhere via QUICKOM and QUICKOM Call Center.

Madame Nguyen Thi Hai Hang, the President of VAA, said: “This partnership is a perfect fit with our mission of enabling our students to access knowledge flexibly regardless of their locations. With QUICKOM, education can surpass the physical boundaries of the classroom, offering students the opportunity to experience more than they would in a conventional classroom, especially for those who are working professionals.”

Beowulf’s CEO and Founder, Dr. William H. Nguyen and Madame Nguyen Thi Hai Hang, the President of VAA at the signing ceremony.

QUICKOM provides the best distance teaching and learning experience in virtual classrooms, allowing for a massive capacity of up to 1000 people, using two-way interaction, faster connections, high-quality videos, and authentic sound. Students can access distance learning easily by scanning the QR code with the camera on their smartphone without any complex accessories or new applications required.

“We are pleased to support VAA to fulfill its objectives. With our large-scale classrooms enhanced with cutting-edge technology, students at VAA can enjoy the best learning experience virtually. This new partnership is a testament to our ambition in making high-quality, affordable education accessible for anyone, anywhere in the world,” Dr. William — CEO of Beowulf Blockchain — said.

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