Beowulf Blockchain Partners with Vietnam’s Largest Taxi Company to Improve User Experience and the Quality of Life for 30,000 Taxi Drivers

We are pleased to announce that Mai Linh, the largest taxi company in Vietnam, will adopt Beowulf’s SDK for in-app voice calling and messaging capabilities, enabling riders to coordinate their rides more efficiently and quickly. This adoption will improve communication between drivers and passengers without leaving the Mai Linh app or incurring additional mobile charges.

Many taxi drivers rely on calls and text messages with their customers before a ride begins in order to help locate their passengers. Through their in-app communications solution, Beowulf helps minimise call and SMS charges, for locals and for travelers. This will also provide a safer and more convenient way for both parties, as they don’t have to worry about giving out their private numbers when using this service.

Another innovative feature of this program will be the introduction of an annotation and free-form drawing capability that customers can utilize to precisely pinpoint their location. This two-way interactive feature will work for the drivers as well, and will enable drivers to pinpoint on the map where they are waiting for their passengers. This feature will allow for passengers and drivers to communicate their whereabouts precisely.

A final component of this partnership between Mai Linh and Beowulf is the provision of HANA telemedicine services to 30,000 of Mai Linh’s taxi drivers. HANA is a telemedicine service that Beowulf has developed that will improve the quality of life for these taxi drivers who face unique challenges in accessing healthcare. Drivers can now receive remote consultations for their healthcare concerns, allowing them to communicate with healthcare specialists no matter where their passenger routes take them for the day.

Ho Huy, Chairman of Mai Linh Group said, “At Mai Linh Group, ensuring access to high quality and on-the-go healthcare for our drivers is at the heart of our mission, and we are excited to have a partner such as Beowulf Blockchain with whom we share this vision. Backed by Beowulf’s innovative telemedicine technology for remote consultations anytime and anywhere, even on the go, we are now able to bring this app-based telemedicine product for the first time to thousands of drivers across Vietnam.”

About Beowulf Blockchain

Beowulf is a B2B platform providing excellent communication services with infinite scalability across the globe. Beowulf’s technology encompasses a comprehensive suite that handles various communication functions (voice/video calling, messaging) from front-end to back-end infrastructure, with enterprises paying per minute-of-usage; a decentralized distant learning platform named Victoria; and HANA, an innovative telemedicine teaching system. QUICKOM is a US patent pending platform by Beowulf that represents a monumental leap forward in corporate and personal communication in the digital age. With aims to give privacy control over communications back to the user, QUICKOM provides a customizable and anonymous QR code call service that replaces phone numbers with scannable QR codes.

About Mai Linh

Mai Linh is the oldest and most recognized taxi company in Vietnam, with more than 30,000 employees and partners, 15,000 vehicles and the national network of service across 63 cities and provinces.

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