Beowulf continues to foster knowledge exchange for the academic communities via QUICKOM technology

Beowulf Blockchain: Bi-monthy Highlights

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Beowulf Blockchain partners with the Communist Youth Union to foster knowledge exchange for the academic communities

Beowulf Blockchain is pleased to announce we have partnered with the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union to deploy QUICKOM for the academic community in Ho Chi Minh city. Through unparalleled academic delivery and quality, this partnership will foster knowledge exchange globally for a wider social purpose.

Corporate virtual signing ceremonies made easy with QUICKOM

With QUICKOM Virtual Video Background, your business can host virtual signing ceremonies from the comfort of wherever you are, without the need to travel.

Take your QUICKOM conferences to the next level with virtual video backgrounds

Adding a fun virtual video is a great way to make your presentation or conference more engaging and visually appealing. QUICKOM employs best-in-class AI technology to transform your next meeting into a stunning virtual experience in just a few clicks — all from the comfort of wherever you are.

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