Beowulf Launches Blockchain-Based Distance Learning and Teaching Platform

Beowulf Blockchain
2 min readSep 28, 2020


We are pleased to announce the launch of Victoria, an innovative distant learning platform. An auxiliary app which supports Beowulf’s primary B2B platform, Victoria facilitates two-way interactive teaching sessions to empower schools, educational institutions and freelance tutors throughout the world.

Beowulf, whose mainnet also launches on October 1, offers a range of learning tools to promote a higher level of engagement among students. These include HD audio and video (up to five videos per conference), synchronous collaboration tools, rich reusable digital content such as photos and slides, and co-web browsing.

Flexibility is granted thanks to a comprehensive pay-per-use model, making Victoria particularly suited to freelance teachers and seasonal tutors, with every video conferencing transaction recorded on Beowulf’s public blockchain for open, trusted verification. Built-in payments, meanwhile, can be made via PayPal or using cryptocurrency.

“Distant learning is part of daily life for hundreds of millions of people,” says Beowulf Founder Dr. William H. Nguyen. “With progressive teaching institutions throughout the world constantly seeking to maximize learning, and interest in remote education at an all-time high, we are convinced that Victoria will succeed.”

Because Victoria is underpinned by a decentralized cloud network, it offers borderless education — and in a way which does not sacrifice personalization or that valuable one-to-one time learners crave. At the same time, teachers are empowered to automate elements of their lessons and take advantage of hitherto unavailable flexibility, which makes it a win-win for both parties.

“Ultimately, it’s about making education accessible and affordable to more students, and in the process helping educators get their message across. Beowulf’s blockchain-based solution connects teachers and students, enabling access to learning as and when required. In our view, this is the future of education, and with the launch of Victoria, we aim to prove that.”
Victoria has already been utilized by institutions such as the Vietnam National University, the country’s leading higher education facility, with the Ho Chi Minh City university using the platform to offer distant learning to medical students.

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