Beowulf Blockchain Partners with Vietnam’s Leading University to Launch Pilot Adoption of Blockchain-based Verification System for Education

We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with one of Vietnam’s leading universities, Tien Giang University. Through this partnership, Beowulf will help strengthen Tien Giang University’s teaching capability and reach via the Victoria platform for distance education, and power the next-generation blockchain-based verification system for academic credentials in Vietnam.

Victoria by Beowulf is an innovative and modern instrument for distance education, and has become a compelling option for educational institutions looking to invest in advanced technologies and deliver a borderless knowledge exchange. Victoria provides a two-way interactive distance education platform via advanced real-time collaborative video conferencing, which brings remote students and teachers together as if they were physically in the same room. In addition, Victoria features the comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS), which has been designed to combine an industry-leading interface and simple integration with powerful interactive tools to help students, professors, and administrators achieve better outcomes.

Tien Giang University is one of the leading regional universities in Vietnam and has been able to effectively maintain its top place among other institutes by enriching student experience with up-to-date technology. By spearheading the pilot distance learning program in the region, Tien Giang University is now accommodating their students, even students in the rural of the Mekong Delta area, with direct access to leading experts in their field, anywhere across the world.

“With the pace at which emerging technologies are transforming the nature of education, it is crucial for universities to accomodate a much bigger student population regardless of the geographic barriers,” said Beowulf Founder and CEO Dr. William H. Nguyen. “We’re excited to be partnering with progressive universities like Tien Giang University to help build on their teaching capability and reach as they become future-ready.”

Since its launch, the Victoria platform is seeing adoption accelerate, with exponentially growing partnership with a multitude of elite schools and educational institution, such as the Vietnam National University’s School of Medicine, the country’s best higher education institution to offer distance teaching to medical students, Olivarez College, the leading private educational institution in the Philippines, and the National Taiwanese Normal University.

In their endeavor to build institutional trusts on a global scale, Beowulf will also enable Tien Giang University to embark on a blockchain-based system for the recording of academic degrees and address the issue of certificate fraud.

This collaborative effort aims to solve many of the pain points in educational credentials through the provision of an innovative system for the storage and management of degrees, under the premise of a secure and reliable blockchain-based decentralized infrastructure. Beowulf does this by enabling recognized education providers, like institutions and universities, to upload source-verified credentials about an individual after they have successfully obtained a new qualification. The information will be time stamped and fully immutable on the blockchain, and at the same time, publicly accessible which helps provide employers and recruiters with trusted information about a person’s degree, and other skills they may have gained over the course of their career.

“Ultimately, when this information is used by employers from all over the world, they can trust it hasn’t been embellished, inflated, or illegitimately adjusted,” says Prof. Ha Ngoc Vo, President of Tien Giang University. “This is the future of retaining vital academic records independent of any issuing entity. Tien Giang University is proud to be an early adopter in the country to apply this new technology to the next wave of education.”

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