Beowulf’s Technology Suite Empowers Digital Transformation for Innovative Businesses and Organizations

QUICKOM Bolsters Digital Transformation for the Consulate General of Italy in Vietnam

QUICKOM by Beowulf is pleased to host the online design talk titled “Design: Reconnecting” by the Consulate General of Italy. Moderated by Consul General Dante Brandi, the online conference brought together highly esteemed designers and business professionals of the design industry in Italy and Vietnam. Chief among them are Toan Nguyen — award-winning designer based in Milan, Darren Chew — founder of the Vietnamese luxury furniture brand District Eight, and Duong Nguyen — managing editor of Elle Decoration Vietnam.

Beowulf’s Technology Suite Continues to Empower the Healthcare Industry

Beowulf is pleased to host the Fifth TransMed Conference 2020 on QUICKOM. The conference with the theme “Biomedical Innovations Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic & the Stories of the Pandemic Control Vietnam” connected world-leading experts, professors, and scientists in biomedical research, immunology and stem cell research, artificial intelligence (AI) and telemedicine. Besides luminary scientists, the event is also attended by the Advisory Committee of the Former Minister of Health of Vietnam, Madame Tran Thi Trung Chien, and Madame Ton Nu Thi Ninh, the champion of education advancement and social equality in Vietnam.

Stay on the front rows of your favorite shows with Fan Infinity by Beowulf

Fan Infinity by Beowulf is a decentralized technology platform to connect the global fanbase with their favorite artists in real-time. We build technology to add a whole new dimension to redefine fan engagement — with two-way interaction in real-time and virtual gifting, while at the same time, ensuring seamless delivery of HD video quality and superior sound to deliver the most captivating experiences as if they were interacting in real life.

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