Biploma — The Next-Generation Cloud Service for Hosting Academic Credentials on the Blockchain

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3 min readOct 13, 2020


We are pleased to announce the launch of Biploma, an innovative cloud service for the management of academic degrees and credentials on the blockchain. Biploma’s mission is to empower academic institutions, businesses, and individuals to create and access authentic credentials such as academic degrees, attended courses, acquired skills, diplomas, and even honored recognitions and other achievements easily and conveniently.

The verification process for paper-based certificate issuance is complex and time-consuming; while at the same time, relatively prone to errors and fraud, due to the lack of an independent, online verification. Additionally, data has shown that more than half of applicants tend to falsify universities and diploma mills on their resumes. This makes credential authentication for job hiring one of the most challenging matters in recent times, as the COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated a rise in remote work across the world.

Biploma helps businesses and academic institutions simplify and automate this process, with enhanced authentication and traceability. It helps them to instantly issue a person’s credentials, including academic degrees, attended courses, acquired skills, training background, diplomas, and other achievements. By leveraging blockchain technology, such data is both tamper-proof and instantly-verifiable to the public, allowing employers to minimize risk of fake, forged certification claims and the need for a third-party background verification.

Additionally, Biploma allows businesses and institutions to issue badges and certifications to reward employees for their progress tracking, training completion, honors, or any other achievements. The platform also provides plug-in options for popular websites such as Moodle, WordPress, and Linkedin; enabling students and job-seekers to showcase their verified credentials and gain an edge in the recruitment process.

Biploma is currently serving over 100,000 students, and has been utilized by several prestigious organizations and educational institutions, such as The University of Social Sciences and Humanities by Vietnam National University, International University by Vietnam National University, Vietnam Aviation Academy, etc.

Buoyed by the impressive growth followed by its launch, Dr. William H. Nguyen — Founder and CEO of Beowulf Blockchain, is confident that swift adoption from the broader industry will follow.

“Anchoring credentials to the blockchain provides the most advanced form of digital document verification, and Beowulf is pleased to be the pioneer that is spearheading this innovative platform.”

“Schools, universities, training centers, companies and administrations issue documents, while individuals leverage them for career opportunities. This additional label of trust will change lives, giving greater credibility to every party, and in the process, bringing us closer to improving efficiency and transparency in education and employment markets,” he continued.

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