Communicate More Securely and Privately with New QUICKOM End-to-End Encryption Offerings

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QUICKOM Releases Unrivaled End-to-End Encryption Meeting Platform for Enterprises

With this security offering, QUICKOM is committed to helping organizations — especially highly-targeted critical industries with strict regulatory compliance including finance, healthcare and governmental agencies — fight the rising threats of eavesdropping and attempts to steal sensitive meetings data, which have been rife throughout the global pandemic.

Read more in our Press Release, or on Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Marketwatch, Seekingalpha.

Communicate More Securely with End-to-End Encryption Mode for Private Meetings

Promising 100% security and ease of connectivity, every call on QUICKOM using the end-to-end encryption mode will be hosted on the users’ own computers — without the need for handling or storing private communications on any intermediary server.

Read more in our Press Release here.

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Online medical conference “How to write scientific research papers” on QUICKOM

Watch the recap video here.

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