QUICKOM Reinvents Online Meetings with Unparalleled End-to-End Encryption to Protect Confidential Communications

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3 min readFeb 13, 2021


SINGAPORE, February 12, 2021 — QUICKOM by Beowulf, the global leader for decentralized cloud communications, today announced the release of the groundbreaking end-to-end encryption offering in addition to its comprehensive technology stack. This new release will protect confidential communications with unrivaled end-to-end encryption by allowing users to host conference meetings on their own computers at home or at work.

As more people are resorting to video conferencing to communicate and collaborate in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, safeguarding private information has become increasingly challenging. Buoyed by its mission to “Connect people by the people,” Beowulf is expanding on a growing industry targeting the convergence of technologies, and in the process, is providing a truly end-to-end encryption platform to protect confidential communications at a time where other video conferencing solutions are facing massive backlash over security and privacy lapses.

“Security of all our customers’ data and confidential communications has always been a core tenet of QUICKOM product design and engineering culture. Delivering end-to-end encryption to our customers worldwide reinforces our commitment to addressing security challenges head-on, and continuing to innovate while prioritizing security and privacy right alongside usability and global scale,” said Beowulf CEO Dr. William H. Nguyen.

Promising 100% security and ease of connectivity, every call on QUICKOM using the end-to-end encryption mode will be hosted on the users’ own computers — without the need for handling or storing private communications on any intermediary server. By ensuring all video and audio calls are encrypted and decrypted on the participants’ devices with the encryption keys residing on the host’s computer, the platform protects users’ confidential communication data from eavesdropping. Users will also enjoy the capability to communicate and collaborate with up to 6 participants on a single video meeting, a useful set of tools and features for secure collaboration such as messaging, AI-based virtual exhibition, two-way interactive screen, file sharing, and much more — all fully encrypted.

“With this new end-to-end encryption offering, we continue our march forward into the future of communication and inherently transform personal meetings wherein users can collaborate digitally without fear of any intentional or accidental compromise of their confidential information,” he continued.

QUICKOM is available for download on MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android devices. The platform also recently announced its enterprise-grade end-to-end encryption solution which allows enterprise customers to host meetings on their own servers or data centers for up to 1,000 participants in a meeting.


QUICKOM by Beowulf Blockchain is the U.S. patent pending decentralized telecom suite for large-scale conferences, classrooms, and theaters. Built on the world’s most flexible decentralized cloud communications platform, QUICKOM extends best-in-class video communications beyond the traditional boundaries of specialized conference rooms and into the mainstream. The platform offers a suite of services encompassing corporate communication solutions, call center, as well as personal communications with a focus on privacy protection to enable more effective collaboration at work, at home, and on the road.

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