Receive 1,000 BWF in Lucky Red Packets from Beowulf Blockchain this Lunar New Year!

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3 min readFeb 9, 2021


This Lunar New Year 2021, Beowulf Blockchain in collaboration with DeFiato is sharing our blessings with Ox-cellent offers exclusively for existing Beowulf Wallet users.

Double the abundance by simply sending 1,000 BWF to the “beowulf” wallet — we will send back 2,000 BWF. That’s 1,000 BWF in red packets! Let us give you a quick rundown on how it works.

How to receive 1,000 BWF lucky red packets?

Step 1: From the Beowulf wallet software, send 1,000 BWF to the beowulf” wallet. Please make sure that you input the correct wallet name as illustrated below:

If you haven’t got enough BWF in your Beowulf wallet, you can swap USDT or USDC for BWF instantly on DeFiato here.

After swapping, transfer BWF from DeFiato to your Beowulf wallet. Please refer to this article for a step-by-step instruction.

Step 2: We will distribute 1,000 BWF to your provided Beowulf wallet after the promotion period finishes— it’s that easy!

🧧🧧 So start the lunar year with our wealth blessings and let the money roll in, exclusively this holiday season at Beowulf Blockhain!


Beowulf Blockchain team

About DeFiato

DeFiato is the next-generation centralized platform for financial services. DeFiato’s mission from the start has been to remove barriers for users, making it most simple, fast, and secure for them to access and be in complete control of their digital assets — while at the same time, receiving an extra stream of income from a range of the platform’s actitivies.

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Promotion period is from 00:01 SGT Feb 9, 2020 to 23:59 SGT Feb 23, 2021.
  2. The 1,000 BWF rewards will be distributed to the user’s provided Beowulf Wallet after the promotion period finishes.
  3. The promotion is exclusively for users with existing Beowulf wallets. Users who create Beowulf wallets after the time of this announcement will not be qualified for rewards.
  4. Only real user activity will be applicable for this promotion. Duplicate accounts or any activity Beowulf Blockchain deems to be fraudulent will be invalidated and the relevant users may be barred from the promotion.
  5. By participating in the Beowulf Lunar New Year Promotion, you acknowledge and agree that:

- Beowulf reserves the right to refuse to grant any reward or to remove a user’s access to the Promotion at its sole direction, including but not limited to instances where we suspect cheating of any form, and;

- Beowulf reserves all rights to manage and modify rules or terms to ensure fairness throughout the Beowulf Lunar New Year Promotion.

6. If these promotional terms or any applicable specific terms are translated into a language other than English, then the English version shall prevail where there is any inconsistency.



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